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It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Kiani and Iqtidar of Guardian Insurance & Financial. Their honest, professional and open approach makes it easy to talk to, a must when discussing something as personal as finances. They respect client’s questions and professionally guide them through the maze of personal investments and insurance options so, I feel that I can completely trust them, and would gladly recommend them to any friends or colleagues. I will definitely keep going back to Guardian for financial planning advice on all future investment and insurance decisions.

Also wanted to add that you guys are not sales motivated and explains the benefits and risks to the client and then the final decision rests on the client. But this is not something that I would want to include in the testimonial as this is a very good personal trait but not something which Guardian should mention...i mean company should always be sales motivated :)

Faisal Abbas (Project Manager, Telus Mobility)

Guardian Insurance and Financial has been EXTREMELY helpful in providing the financial planning and guidance I needed. I have been with them for over a year now and their planning, response and support to my financial needs and wants have been met and surpassed. I’m very grateful and appreciative with their service and would recommend them to anyone.

Dave A. Byam (System Administrator, Ticketmaster)

I have found Guardian Insurance & Financial team highly professional, dedicated and extremely easy to deal with, and above all completely understanding of my financial needs. Mr. Masood Sheikh at Guardian helped me through various options available, explained what is required through each step of the way and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Based on my needs and dreams he designed a unique solution that put me on the right path. Thanks Masood for an excellent service and ongoing support.

Naeem Rehman (IT Consultant)

I have been a happy client of “Guardian Insurance and Financial” for years on my various financial needs both personally and within my business activities. Guardian Advisors are totally dedicated to providing the very best service and advice in all aspects of the financial industry, and have proven time and again to go well beyond the expected services of a typical IFA. I have and will continue to have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of this excellent company ”.

Zafar ul Islam (President, Advanced Trade & Tech. Inc)

Mr. Ishrat Kiani (principal of Guardian) is an "Advisor" in every sense of that word. Unlike most IFA's, He is not sales motivated. For someone like me in the medical profession looking after the health of people and not knowing how to take care of my financial health, it was an amazing experience to deal with someone not motivated by selling financial products which don't necessarily meet my needs instead suggesting the best possible viable solution to accommodate mine and my family’s needs. His proactive approach to financial planning has already put me in a much stronger position. With his help and advice, I hope to build upon this foundation so that my future is financially secured. I feel that he is someone I can completely trust, and therefore have no problem in recommending him to any friends or colleagues.

Dr. Bland Iqbal, M.D

I knew very little about investment before meeting with Ishrat Kiani; Ishrat has wealth of –in depth- knowledge supported by great merge of experience and professional academic records; Now with help of Ishrat…my horizons have broadened and my family became aware of profitable opportunities that have served our short and long term goals…We are grateful & appreciate the sincerity and dedications we have had.

Mohamed Elkoftangy (Sales Rep, GAL Power Systems)



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